Orphans Foundation Fund

Orphans Foundation Fund  is established in 2002 and is a registered nonprofit, non-government organization in the United Republic Tanzania with its headquarters in Arusha Region.

Vision: Orphans Foundation Fund envisions a society where children and other vulnerable groups have access to quality social services and income opportunities.

Mission : Our mission is to support communities to realise the health, education and economic potentials by creating and engaging in the provision of health care, education, training and skills building and help youth to access income opportunities.

Program intervention: Since its establishment in 2002 Orphans Foundation Fund has worked and continues to work with key individual donors from Tanzania, the USA and Europe.  With generous support from individuals and organizations, the foundation has undertaken several community projects. Our past projects range from supporting vulnerable individuals including orphans, families and groups. We provided support to children, communities and families affected by HIV/AIDS in terms of food, clothing, building water infrastructures, childr care homes and building income capacities.

From 2012 Orphans Foundation Fund reviewed its program intervention and is now focusing more on sustainable and skills building program.

  1. We provide ICT education and vocational training to post school vulnerable youths.
  2. We build water infrastructures with a component of income generation.
  3. We support formal education to orphans and most vulnerable children.
  4. We provide free health clinics to the vulnerable communities in Maasai villages.

Orphans Foundation Fund