Community Water Access and Sanitation

Orphans Foundation Fund has been implementing the community water projects for years now.

IDRF Canada has continued to support our engagement in providing water   services to the communities in Tanzania by providing funds to construct community water wells. With the financial support OFF has constructed 2 boreholes in Olkeriyan Village, Kati and Kalimaji streets, Moshono Ward, Arusha region. The boreholes  have the capacity to serve about 12,000 people who perviously did not have access to clean water. Community members including women will be trained on water management, water financing and water security to be able to safeguard this water infrastructure and making it sustainable.

Water need identification was done prior to the implementation of the project. Water sources was neither clean nor safe as it is shown below. Community members fetched and washed in the same water sources, while others queuing  at the dry tapes.


Photos below indicate the introduction of the project activities to the villagers including identifying the drilling sites


On going drilling activities and pump installation activities


Building of foundation at the water pump