Computer Programme for Orphans and Most Vulnerable Children (OMVC)

Orphans Foundation Fund is implementing a free computer-learning programme engaging  post secondary school Orphans and Most Vulnerable Children (OMVC)  in Arusha, Tanzania. With financial support from IDRF Canada and Life Momentum, this skills building programme seeks to bridge the Computer technology gap among youth,  give youth ICT skills and access to online information and qualify youth to enter the business and job markets.  OFF works to identify beneficiary children from less prosperous families and orphanage centres to benefit the programme.

Setting up computer lab at OFF Computer Learning Centre


The class session is ongoing, teachers instructing the students



Smiling and appreciative faces of youth graduates after completing 12 weeks of computer training at OFF computer learning centre


The group of 21 students are happy to graduate a 12 weeks computer learning programme by end January. Several testimonies were given on how they feel after gaining a new, modern and useful knowledge.  

Orphans Foundation Fund teachers appreciate the support from the donors of computer project