Support to Disabled Persons

Orphans Foundation Fund works with disabled individuals and organisations. Since 2011 OFF has provided support in terms of providing mobility equipment to disabled persons. OFF offers technical support to Mobility Care in terms of mobilising funds for the wheelchair workshop, and identify disabled persons to get training on how to make wheelchairs.   Daniel Namkesa the Founder of Mobility Care has worked closely with OFF  to fundraise for more resources for the wheel chair workshop in USA River, Arusha, Tanzania.

Edmund is a young and energetic but disable.  He has been offered a wheelchair by OFF and OFF continues to support  him by paying for the repairs and maintenance of his wheelchair. Edmund was born in 1986 without any disability  and when he was 5 years he suffered TB. At the hospital he was given an injection with expired dosage, and that was the beginning of his disability.  In 2007 the Sisters of St. Fransis of Asisi took him to USA River rehabilitation centre in Arusha and he learnt how to make and repair shoes. He got this training for two years. Edmund can now design and repair shoes using hand and sewing machine. OFF has been providing him with small cash to buy materials for shoe repair, and we continue to look for supporters to enable him to set up a shoe workshop and earn income including raising money to buy new or repair his old wheelchair and to support himself and his family.

wheelchair donated to a disabled manwheelchair donated to a disabled man