Orphans Education and Training

Our Education and Training project has two components

1. Formal Education Support 

Orphans Foundation Funds have  been  irking with donors to support orphans and less prosperous children to attend Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities in Tanzania.

So far ten students are being fully supported in terms of tuition fees, accommodation and meals, stationeries, books and computers, transport, medical allowances.

In 2013 this programme graduated a student in Tax Administration at advanced diploma level. In 2014, one student has completed high school taking Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Three University graduates this year will be in Accounts and Finance, Journalism and Mass Communication. Continuing students are taking engineering, accounts, procurement and business studies at various universities and colleges in Tanzania. Dr. James Lace continue to provide funds for these students. More donors are welcome to sponsor individual students as the demand for support is still high. Of lately we have been receiving requests to support vulnerable children to access  secondary education.

2. Livelihood, Employment and Entrepreneurship Programme (LEEP)

OFF has designed a programme “Livelihood, Employment and Entrepreneurship Programme (LEEP) to support 200 post school vulnerable youth by giving them technical skills . OFF will be setting up a centre at its plot in Njiro Arusha where youth will learn various trades including welding works and carpentry works. The 12 months project requires USD. 192, 560. No funds or committment have been received for this project.