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Empowerment of Lengast Village

Dr. Lace treating a small child in Lengast Lengast Group with Senator Winters and Dr. Lace of Orphans Foundation Fund Lengast Curios MicroFinance

Dr. Lace and Senator Winters joined the Orphans Foundation Fund team and visited Lengast village over the weekend. With empowering ideas and medical assistance the lives of the community were touched with their visit. Senator Winters spoke to the leader of women in the community about cultural issues and how they relate to health and wellbeing of families. She also gave needed direction in the new sustainable curio business that a group of women had started recently. Dr. Lace spent his time examining and treating children at the clinic for a range of illnesses related to malnourishment. When the water system is successfully in place the community will be empowered to expand their farms and be able to eat a more well rounded diet that will increase their resistence to disease. With practical advice and real world assistance Orphans Foundation Fund is committed to seeing the Lengast community thrive.