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Tito reunited with his extended Family

Tito's Grandmother Reuniting Tito with his Grandmother and Uncle Gosberth and Tito reunited with his extended family in Mt. Meru

The Orphans Foundation Fund and Chiswea staff from the CORDAID street children project met today with the extended family of  Tito. His grandmother and uncle were found and now he has been reunited with them. Recently Tito’s health has been failing because he has AIDS. He is now on AVR drugs that help improve his condition, but he will need special care from now on. His mother, father, and two brothers have all died of AIDS, so Tito ended up on the street. After joining the Orphans Foundation Fund/Chiswea street children project it changed his life, but some choices can’t be left behind. As a society and community it is our responsibility to especially encourage and support our youth to make wise choices so that their future is bright.