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A Special Visit from Dr. Diane O’Rouke

Diane O'Rouke came to visit Orphans Foundation Fund in Tanzania

This week we had a special visitor to Orphans Foundation Fund, Dr. Diane O’Rourke. Dr. O’Rouke is a teacher at Victoria University in Wellington New Zealand. She heard of the good work that Orphans Foundation Fund was doing in Tanzania and wanted to see how she too could get involved. We visited Jane’s Orphans Center, the O.F.F./CORDAID Arusha Street Children Project, and the Lengast Village projects that we are running. Dr. O’Rouke contributed to the house rent for Violet (Above on the right) and several other of the graduates of the O.F.F./CORDAID Arusha Street Children Project to help them get well established. She is very pleased with our work and will surely continue to be a great partner.