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Highlights of the Street Children Project

It is now 18months since the Orphans Foundation Fund / CORAID Street children project kicked off. The project has registered great great measurable and sustainable results. To date, nearly 100 former street young adults girls and boys have had their lives transformed into responsible citizens and they will never be the same again. This has not been our efforts but the combined efforts of responsible and compassionate people like you. Our big thanks to CORDAID, Dr. James Lace, and the rest of you for your support of this project.

Highlights of the OFF/CORDAID Street Children Project

Here are the project highlights in pictures so that you can see the difference this project has/is been to the lives of the former street children. Download it, it will take you a minute to capture all that has been happening. The other good news is that the former street children who graduated last year have all been absorbed in different workplaces in and around Arusha. We hope you will love the highlights. Thank you so much for being part of
Orphans Foundation Fund.