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Lengast in Desperate Need of Water!

Dry Masai Land in the hills behind KIA Kilimanjaro International Airport Thirsty Masai Children laying down and resting Dead Masai Cow without water or enough food to eat the cattle, donkeys, goats, and sheep are dying.

The drought is hitting Tanzania hard now and the people in Lengast Village are suffering. The main pump died the day after the USAID taskforce and staff from Orphans Foundation Fund came to see how the water system could be improved. Over 2000 cattle have died as well as donkeys, goats, and sheep. The people have to walk over 5 miles to get water, which is only enough for themselves and leaves nothing for their livestock or gardens. The situation is very serious and the people are desperate for water and food. Although these are trying economic times for all, please consider making a donation to help those in Lengast Village.